If you really wanna change the things that upset you, regardless of the job you have right now, your health, your career, your relationships or even the way you treat yourself, the key is facing your life the way it is right now (specially what’s underneath the rug). It may sounds harsh, right? As time goes by it feels right to numb some feelings, denying or hiding them under the doormat with reasonable excuses. So then you put all your expectations on others peoples’ opinions and attitudes; seeking for being liked by people that you don’t even know; putting yourself on a second place; disrespecting your own feelings; blocking yourself from being who you truly are; living to fulfilling others peoples’ expectations to belong; to be accepted and to feel appreciated, recognized and loved.

Can I tell you something? The only way to go out of this endless and painful cycle is breaking down the thinking patterns and consequent actions that brought you to the place you are right now and start listening to your inner voice: What is that that your body or the world around you is trying to say to you that you are not listening? What’s the lesson for you there? Can you recognize some of things that people tell you that ring your ding and you’re always trying to block/not listen/ not trusting that that’s for you?

So stop everything right now and go to a place where you feel comfortable, sit down and just relax for a moment. If you’re ok where you are right now I’m just gonna ask you to start breathing slowly and being more centered and opened for your intuition. What I would like you to do is imagining how your dream life would be like if you knew you already have all the resources inside and outside of you.


If there’s a single part of you saying that you’re silly by doing this exercise, I’d like to encourage you to move on, to kick off that little rock on your path or maybe take that as a stepping stone for you to get where you deserve to be. So here’s my gift for you, read each topic slowly and as many times you wish until it resonates with your truth. Whenever you decide to change your life you can start by:

  1. Being strongly committed to yourself first – you are the most important person in your life, don’t ever take less than 100% responsibility on every step you take – make every move a success;
  2. Be clear of what makes you feel really really happy and write down on a piece of paper so that you can remember and put in practice TODAY;
  3. Take good care of your health by making healthy choices (how’s your diet going btw?);
  4. Exercise more often. If you took a break from your workout routine, it’s time to get back on track or find a new modality that you can keep up with;
  5. Do something positive and different for yourself EVERYDAY. It really doesn’t matter what it is: you can always buy flowers to decorate your place; light candles on your bathroom and take a nice bath; turn on your difusor with the essence that you like; cook something delicious for no particular reason; right a letter to yourself; manifest gratitude; meditate; send a message to an old friend; go out…
  6. Clean and organize your place (shelves, closets and cabinets included);
  7. Write down on a piece of paper and read the following affirmation everyday in front of the mirror:

The greatest gift I can give myself is unconditional love. I am loved.

It takes one thought, a strong commitment, a positive attitude and the result IS ALREADY HERE!

I’d love to be your guide in this amazing journey towards YOUR accomplishments. My method follows the Co-Active Coaching model combined with the Holistic philosophy that refers to the human being as an integrative system composed by mind, body, soul and emotions.


A long distance marathon starts with a single step. I took mine years ago and I’m inviting you do the same. You can start living a more balanced, fulfilling and joyful life by texting me.

To a new wonderful beginning!

Natalie Betito
Talent Life Coaching
.:. Together We Rise .:.

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