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My name is Natalie Betito, I’m originally from Sao Paulo (Brazil) and I’m a Certified Coach by SDUIS (Executive Leadership Coaching), Hay House (Assertiveness Coach and Heal Your Life licensed teacher) and Harvard University (The Science of Psychology Coaching). About 6 years ago (2014) I was working for a global agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and one of my colleagues inspired me to travel abroad and start an internship. 

On September 3rd 2014 I arrived in San Diego with 2 suit cases and lots of dreams in my head. After concluding 3 professional certificates (Business English, Marketing and Project Management at Stafford House) I realized that learning new management skills wouldn’t be enough for me based in all the opportunities that were unfolding just in front of me, so I’ve decided to stay in San Diego and embrace the next chapter of my life. Back then I also attended 2 extension courses on the Coaching field at UCSD, a Life Coaching seminar by CTI and embraced other complimentary fields of study. 

Nevertheless my eagerness to learn and understand people’s thinking patterns and behaviors and help them have a better life wasn’t complete. On my 40+ years old I feel more in tune with my being, with my life purpose and with the Source than ever before. For that reason I strongly encourage you to take the first step. It’s never too late or too soon to start anew and reset your life in a very joyful way. 

As a Certified Life Coach and Holistic Therapist I’m going to help you walk your own path that is going to lead you to a more grounded, healthy and vibrant life.

By working with me you’ll feel more confident, you’ll definitely increase your self-esteem and inner-love to develop a sense of belonging and freedom that you’ve always wanted to feel. And it feels SO DAMN GOOD!

You can start this great journey today by texting me to schedule your trial session. I’ll be thrilled to supporting you on this amazing journey of self-realization and conscious awakening. The distance between reality and your desired life is called ACTION.

*Besides the Coaching sessions since October 2018 I’ve also started offering Crystal Healing sessions combining and integrating a more holistic approach – body, mind, soul and emotions. Don’t miss a chance to reconnect with your highest-self and relax knowing that what’s designed for you is on its way to meet you, but you gotta ACT right now, stop procrastinating and postponing your happiness for tomorrow.  (Read more here)