“Wait is this a brand new tab?” Yes, it is and it was about time to add that here and write about one of my recent passions. Since October 2018 after attending the training on Louise Hay’s method – You Can Heal Your Life – in Toronto, Canada, instead of giving lectures and workshops on her method as expected, I’ve decided to follow my heart and start working as a Crystal Healer.

How did the Crystals appeared in my life?

It was on a dream just right after my grandfather passed away that I met him walking on a big tree’s branch and he handed me a crucifix made by crystal quartz, back then I didn’t understand what was that for, but of course that already had a deep meaning for me. I was a teenager back then and nothing in my life seemed to be clear, actually it was the opposite – that was the first time I’ve lost somebody so close, and my grandpa was all about happiness and enjoyment and I’ll always remember him smudging his house before the rain. On his own way he was kinda like a sage, during the last two years of his life he didn’t let the cancer he had on his stomach to take over his humor and his vitality. But back then I was so immature and raw in life I couldn’t bare seeing him disappear before my eyes. And he actually didn’t.

When I had that dream with him, it got clearer that there is no separation between worlds or plans as you may call. Many years later I reconnected with that world and decided to work on people’s benefits by bridging both consciousness. As I say to may clients – I’m not the healer, I’m just a tool for the spirituality to work on people’s needs. And out of God’s mercy the healing can occur.

I can go on and on on my spiritual journey, but I’d rather schedule some time with you and let the magic happens. Shall we?

If you feel uncomfortable with the word ‘healing’ let’s call it ‘changing’. And for that we’re gonna use crystals, sound healing, essential oils and a deep relaxation.

Inhale, exhale, relax your shoulders and send me a text message – it’s time to change and do better. You deserve it!

I am here at your service.