After studying Coaching and working as a Life Coach for 5 years, I’ve decided it was about time to expand my knowledge and practice into a more holistic approach.

It’s been a very natural and organic process since I’ve decided studying new techniques like Reiki and Crystalhealing and applying them on my daily basis. After working a lot on myself I begun to offering trial sessions to my closest friends and holistic therapists to start my practice and specially to measure its RESULTS.

What’s that for?

If you are going through a rough time of your life feeling lonely, stressed out, impatient, anxious, down, drained, if you are constantly getting sick and on top of that you can’t sleep well at night – I guess it’s time to schedule a session with me.

I’m currently in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but I can do online sessions and work with your energy field by distance. I’m certified Reiki Practitioner on level II by ABRA – Associação Brasileira de Reiki, the first internationally recognized Reiki Institute in Brazil. And doing Reiki by distance is expected in this level since we study the symbols and mantras that can break down time and space. Through the practice of Reiki II I can balance your body and your emotions. By scheduling a Reiki session with me you’re gonna feel more calm, confident, energized, relieved and you’re also going to activate your intuition helping you make positive decisions enhancing your relationship with your coworkers, your boss, significant other, friends and family.

For more infos about my work or its results read the reviews below or text me anytime. You can even reach out for my services through my social networks as well.

Set up an appointment with me and don’t forget to block your schedule for that time. The sessions done by distance require the same commitment as in person.

How does it work?

On the selected date/time I’m going to ask you to just lie down on your bed and breathe slowly 3 times. Then all you have to do is closing your eyes and relaxing your body completely starting from your scalp. By relaxing your muscles, your skin, releasing and letting of your thoughts you’re going to start to feel more intune with yourself, being opened and receptive to get a great energy bath.

The full session can take 30 min to 1 hour depending on what you’re going through and what I feel by working with your energy.

After the session, preferably on the day after I’m going to follow up with you to check how did you sleep, if you have had any dreams, insights, messages, if your physical pain is gone and to know about your overall health. As for me, I’m going to highlight what I felt during the session, if there was some type of imbalance, blocage or if I just had to energize and balance your chakras. Usually after every session I pull up a card from one of my oracle cards to check if there’s something else you should know that is going to help you get your health and balance back on track.

Besides chronic pain, illness, surgeries and accidents that can take more than 10 sessions to get the body’s energy balanced again, it’s recommended that you get at least 4 Reiki sessions in a row so you can experience the wholeness of the treatment and change your thinking patterns and overall health. Those sessions can be scheduled 4 days in a row or once per week as you like.

**Book your 4 sessions today and get a special discount.**

Love and joy,

+55 11 94521-4255 (text message only)
IG: @tlc_nat

5 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Thomas Tymon says:

    The session I had with Natalie really helped put my mind on a path towards clarity. It wasn’t instantaneous, but the winds were shifted. I think anybody can fall out of alignment, I’m so thankful for help to get back. Love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Natália Antunes says:

    As sessões com a Natalie foram inspiradoras! Há certos momentos na vida que é necessário sair do modo automático e reavaliar. E eu estava nesse momento! Com as sessões da Nat consegui perceber que as minhas escolhas para nutrir meu corpo estavam causando consequências desastrosas nas minhas saúdes espiritual, social e física. Tomar a consciência é libertador! Além disso, a Natalie tem um olhar positivo para com a vida, transformando divinamente tudo ao seu redor. Só tenho gratidão e um imenso amor!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Viviane says:

    The only session and follow-ups I had were magical!!! They helped me focus on my studies instead of wasting energy on irrelevant things. Post healling session I felt energized and I was able to really free up my mind and allow peace and tranquility to flourish in my life. Nat, you’re awesome! I’d definitely schedule more sessions if you’re here. Hope you come visit us soon! Thank you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Monroe says:

    Natalie is one of the most giving and unconditionally loving people I’ve ever met. Natalie and I met in San Diego, where she was living at the time. I did not know her whatsoever, but I felt a strong urge and was pulled to talk to her. We spoke for nearly 2 hours on the sidewalk, talking about life, spirituality, and the good old pursuit of happiness. She offered me incredibly valuable insight and offered to give me a crystal healing. She gave this healing from a very genuine place and I could tell that she really wanted to help. I won’t go into all of the minor detail, but needless to say she put my life back on track, and I will forever be grateful for her.


  5. Matthew Mulholland says:

    I was very lucky to receive 4 or 5 long distance reiki sessions from Natalie during this global quarantine. With her help this period of isolation we’re all experiencing became, for me, an opportunity for introspection and healing. I have been on this path for awhile, and Natalie really helped me breakthrough and make significant progress. She has a gift for finding the root cause of blockages and guiding you towards them, gently and with kindness. Each session went deeper than the last. I had moments of absolute clarity while working with her and realized, not only what I still had to let go of, but how to go about doing it. Healing is a process, but I am in a much better place than I was even yesterday or last week. Thank you Nati!

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