It was about time to write about one of my recent and not so secret passions. Since October 2018 after attending the Training on Louise Hay’s method – You Can Heal Your Life – in Toronto, Canada, instead of giving lectures and workshops on her method as expected, I’ve decided to follow my heart and start working as a Crystal Healer.

How did the Crystals appeared in my life?

It was in a dream – just right after my grandfather passed away – that I met him walking on a big tree’s branch and there he handed me a crucifix made by clear crystal quartz. Back then I didn’t understand what was that for, but of course that became a remarkable experience for me. I was a teenager back then and nothing in my life seemed to be clear, actually it was the opposite – that was the first time I’ve lost someone so close, and my grandpa was all about happiness and enjoyment and I’ll always remember him smudging his house before the rain. On his own way he was kinda like a sage, during the last two years of his life he didn’t let the cancer he had in his stomach to take over his humor and his vitality. But back then I was so immature and young I couldn’t bare seeing him fading away before my eyes. And he actually didn’t.

When I had that dream with him, it got clearer that there is no separation between worlds or plans as you may call. Many years later I reconnected with a higher expression of life and decided to work on people’s benefits by bridging both consciousness to help us align our essence and reconnect with the source. As I say to may clients – I’m not the healer, I’m just a tool for the spirituality to work on people’s needs. And out of God’s mercy the healing and or the clarification can occur.

I can go on and on on my spiritual journey, but I’d rather schedule some time with you and answer all your questions about that. Shall we?

If you feel uncomfortable with the word ‘healing’ let’s call it ‘changing’. And for that we’re gonna use crystals, Tibetan mantras, essential oils and promoting a deep relaxation.

For now just relax your shoulders, take a deep breath and send me a text message – it’s time to change and do better. You deserve it!


My Crystal Healing session lasts about 1h30min to 2 hours (depending on the client’s needs) and it’s designed for men and women that are committed to live a healthier life and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t started that yet. My clients say that after my sessions they feel more energized, confident and in tune with their intuition which brings them more awareness, mental clarity; the feeling of ease, comfort and acceptance and last but not least a strong connection with the Divine energy.

If you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed by many thoughts and confused feelings; if you don’t know what’s going on in your life – feeling blocked or stuck, it’s time to pause, clear your mind, cleanse your energy field, activate it and recharge your whole being with positive energy, confidence, joy and self-esteem. Know that it’s possible to change your outcomes by changing your thoughts and working on your frequency. It’s my job as a holistic therapist to assist you on your transition to a healthy and prosperous life.

Send me a text message and let’s book your session.

I’m temporally in Sao Paulo (Brazil) now so don’t miss a chance to reconnect with your highest-self and set your mind free from everything that has been weighing on you. A more joyful and fulfilling life awaits for you.

I am here at your service.

+55 11 94521-4255
IG: @tlc_nat

4 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Thomas Tymon says:

    The session I had with Natalie really helped put my mind on a path towards clarity. It wasn’t instantaneous, but the winds were shifted. I think anybody can fall out of alignment, I’m so thankful for help to get back. Love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Natália Antunes says:

    As sessões com a Natalie foram inspiradoras! Há certos momentos na vida que é necessário sair do modo automático e reavaliar. E eu estava nesse momento! Com as sessões da Nat consegui perceber que as minhas escolhas para nutrir meu corpo estavam causando consequências desastrosas nas minhas saúdes espiritual, social e física. Tomar a consciência é libertador! Além disso, a Natalie tem um olhar positivo para com a vida, transformando divinamente tudo ao seu redor. Só tenho gratidão e um imenso amor!

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  3. Viviane says:

    The only session and follow-ups I had were magical!!! They helped me focus on my studies instead of wasting energy on irrelevant things. Post healling session I felt energized and I was able to really free up my mind and allow peace and tranquility to flourish in my life. Nat, you’re awesome! I’d definitely schedule more sessions if you’re here. Hope you come visit us soon! Thank you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Monroe says:

    Natalie is one of the most giving and unconditionally loving people I’ve ever met. Natalie and I met in San Diego, where she was living at the time. I did not know her whatsoever, but I felt a strong urge and was pulled to talk to her. We spoke for nearly 2 hours on the sidewalk, talking about life, spirituality, and the good old pursuit of happiness. She offered me incredibly valuable insight and offered to give me a crystal healing. She gave this healing from a very genuine place and I could tell that she really wanted to help. I won’t go into all of the minor detail, but needless to say she put my life back on track, and I will forever be grateful for her.


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