Awesomely Amazing


“Hi! My name is (insert your name here) and I’m Awesomely Amazing.” Honestly, this should be the right way to introduce yourself in a A.A. meeting or in any other supportive group. Instead of telling everybody else that you are your addiction, these groups should encourage people to look ahead in life and help them detach themselves from their problems. A friend of mine once told me that the current way was just meant to address the problem, so then people would remind themselves that they have something to work on. From what I see, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, we shouldn’t put on our problems like a second skin, but considering that it’s just a moment, an experiment in life, a stepping stone. If you could place your “problems”in a different perspective, it could bring more answers and understanding than not having a problem at all.

The other day I heard from a good friend of mine* a great story about self-improvement. I don’t remember if it was a real experiment or not, I know that it makes a lot of sense that’s why I’m sharing with you, so here it goes: One day a scientist decided to crop some bamboo trees inside a dome to see how they would grow in a controlled environment. The trees inside the dome were growing slowly compared to the trees in the outside. The trees inside the dome were withered, and their colors were opaque and lifeless. Thereby the scientist observed that the trees that were living outside, in the natural environment, were exposed to all sorts of weather (cold, heat, rain, storms, wind etc), so he continued with his experiment and paid close attention to the movement of the trees during these events, thus he realized that the trees were swinging from one side to another, dancing with the wind. Afterwards he decided to install a few blowers inside the dome to reproduce the same condition from the outside. After that the trees inside the dome begun to swing just like all the other trees outside, and because they were not static anymore, but trying to adjust, respond or survive those stimulus, they started to grow higher, radiant and stronger than ever before.

Our problems have the ability to show us another way out; to open up our minds; to change our belief system breaking down our mental patterns; to change our habits, and consequently to change our reality. So my question for you is:


Are you defined by your problems or are they just a bridge to your success? 


* I thank my friend Michael for sharing his time and knowledge with me. I feel really blessed by having the opportunity to make some time to listen and connect with real people. Put your cell phone down, go out, grab a tea or a cup of coffee and connect.

Welcome to Awesomely Amazing Group, my type of A.A. meeting. ;)


Potato Chip Rock’s trail – 2015 – Together We Rise

6 thoughts on “Awesomely Amazing

  1. Isabela says:

    I love this article and your inputs. Yes, we should introduce ourselves with a positive mindset about ourselves. If we put up good, good will come back to us – even though sometimes it takes a bit longer than we would like it to.

    Also, problems are sometimes just obstacles and not problems… lessons to be learnerd!


  2. Fernanda P says:

    Love all your content and advices! I feel myself more confident and ready to start something that I was afraid of right after I read them. Keep doing what you do and you’ll achieve success more and more in your life. Miss you!


  3. Pedro says:

    Important message for me in this morning, that I wake up a little bit sad, worried with the future uncertainties. The future is now!

    Love you, love wins!


    • talentlifecoaching says:

      Yeah! The future is just a mirror of the attitudes taken on the present moment. Change your thoughts and then you’ll see your outcomes changing as well. You can always do it better than before. Start right now!


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