A Thousand Miracles


I’m gonna start asking you to count how many miracles you experience during a day. From the minute you wake up till you go to bed at night many things can happen in just one day. But what determines the outcomes derives from your thoughts, your intentions and mainly your actions. Let’s say that it’s your day off and you decide to stay in bed longer than you usually do, and at that moment when you’re not even awake or asleep you start paying attention on your thoughts. Most of them are just old patterns reflecting aims and needs from the past and right at that moment you have a choice: going back to sleep, going out of bed or just staying there ruminating.

It seems really simple and silly but it would be great if you could only answer the following question:

If you were free, if there wouldn’t be any barrier, judgment or critique, what would you change in your life?

Now that you are totally awake, after answering the question above I’d suggest you to start being thankful for everything you already have – it can be the fact that you have a place to sleep, food to eat, a place to take a warm shower, safety, and the ability to choose and decide what’s best for you.

20161105_125356This magic exercise will connect you with a positive and cozy vibe. Every time you are grateful and nurture a positive thinking you start opening up your life for significant miracles. I am not kidding! Pay attention to the messages you’re gonna get during the day, small gifts of nature like beautiful flowers or butterflies on your way, bright colors in the sky right above your head, a smile, a compliment, a phone call from somebody you like, a gift, an invitation, a calm and pleasant feeling of contentment, a job offer, a strong desire to do something new, you name it. And to be more specific now that you know what you want, you are grateful for everything you have and you already have a positive thinking, if you add a good intention and a feeling to it, it will bring you an emotion. Through that emotion, like happiness, love, satisfaction, pumping inside of you it will drive your attention to the present moment once again.

20161105_125509The next step is going out of home: go to a place you like, or that you have never been before, invite a friend if you can, go for a bike ride, take a walk, just breathe slowly, let this immense and fluid energy surround your body and cherish your heart with joy. There’s no need to go back to the past; no need to find get anxious about the future, no need to blame somebody else. In the present moment there’s only you and your choices. Choose to accept and be who you truly are in the moment, choose to see something good during the day, choose for things that will improve your health, choose to forget and forgive, choose to LOVE and be loved. Just by choosing goodness over your worries isn’t it a miracle itself?

Count the miracles you have during the day and share with me what did you experience and how did you feel about it. We can always make a positive choice. Start right now!


4 thoughts on “A Thousand Miracles

  1. Fernanda P says:

    My days have been better and better after reading your texts and adivices. I’m thankful for just opening my eyes every single day, and by being able to experience new adventures (do you know how things are happening in an intense way for me, right?). I have so many blessings and miracles in my life! One of them was meeting you. Keep up with your amazing job!


  2. Pedro Brandão says:

    OMG! I would have to start talking about the day I was born if I had to talk about miracles! And yes, I’m sure that my choices are always in a way to help “miracles” happen to me! It can be something that I do not control, but I do my part to make it happen. I may say I give the universe a little hand as well lol. And I totally agree with you about the importance of making good choices…it’s all about it.
    I’m also think like Fernanda, one of this miracles was meeting you, soul sister. Love you so much! Hope to see you very soon. Thank you for sharing. XXXX


    • talentlifecoaching says:

      Well, so I’m gonna join you on this – it was an extraordinary miracle to meet you about 20 years ago. =) And I’m with you when you said you help the universe to make things happen for you. I totally agree that we always have to do our part on the best way we can – “When in doubt, do your best.” So for today I’m gonna choose to send you all my love and appreciation for the amazing person you are. Love, Nat.


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