Why would you need a coach?

Depending on the culture in which you were raised or the values and beliefs you learned from your family, you most likely learned to enjoy and appreciate other peoples’ companionship and support; you learned to rely on friends and parents to be with you on the bad and good times; you learned to be there for them as well and help them no matter what.

In general we were raised believing that somebody would always help us, be there for us, and that in the end of the day everything would be just fine… I’m gonna tell you the naked truth here:

The only way to feel really good is taking care of yourself first. There’s no other way unless you start being MINDFUL, in the moment, tuned with yourself. You will have to think fast, make choices and find the best solutions by YOURSELF. And again: that’s ok. Growing, being mature and grounded is part of LIFE and it can only bring you positive outcomes and real happiness.

In this matter my job is putting you on the right track of life – which means helping you discover ways of thinking that will lead you to discover new solutions and possibilities. I’m gonna encourage and support you through the storms. I’m gonna help you find and feel your inner power – the only one capable to connect you with prosperity attracting the best opportunities for your life.

It’s ok to recognize your own weaknesses. It’s perfectly fine to ask for help. It’s great to have somebody that will drive you on the road. It’s ok to fall down, slip over, get back and do better. It’s important to recognize who you really are and accept all your flaws and strenghts. It’s ok to cry, laugh, love, hate, complain, apologize, blossom. We’re all under construction.

Send me a message on +55(11) 94521-4255 and that itself can be a great start.

Natalie B.
Talent Life Coaching



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