What is coaching btw?


At some point of your life you already asked yourself “What the heck Coaching is all about?.” Nowadays it seems like everybody is a Coach: the Uber driver; your colleague from work; even your teacher from school call him/herself as a Coach. And you know what everybody CAN BE a Coach as long as they have studied for it, practiced and got certified by a trustworthy institution, and believe me, there’s thousands of courses, seminars, workshops and certificates around the globe. To find the right Coach for your needs can be a very stressful job as I already explained here, for now I’m gonna answer the ultimate question and then we can go from there. Coaching as designated by the Co-Active model (CTI) is:

(…) a way of effectively improving people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on the path as they continue to make important life-giving and life changing choices.

So then you might be wondering that everyone at some point of life would probably need a coach, correct? Exactly. How many times you got stuck in life? You name it: it could’ve been a decision related to your career; a break up; moving to a new city; getting a new job; starting a new diet; retiring; going back to school; sharing houses with roommates (I wish I was a Life Coach back then); going back to live in your parents house; planning an internship; a trip; a vacation; getting married; getting divorced or even dealing with life the way it is, I mean REALITY. Believe me there’s always a way to make things easier and fun by working with a professional Coach.

By assuming that people are creative, resourceful and whole, the communication between Coach and Client based on the Co-active Coaching model is different from the usual authoritarian, superior-inferior communication experience and that’s why it’s effective.

How many times you’ve had a chitchat with your friend and it changed your whole life forever? How many times the fun conversation you had with that Uber driver gave you an “enlightenment” over something you were struggling with? But differently from an advisor, counselor, mentor or your friend from school:

The Coach is someone who cares that people create what they say they want and that they follow through when they choose. The Coach is there to hold people accountable and keep them moving forward toward their goals. Ultimately, the coach is there to help people live lives of meaning and purpose. It’s about conducting people to reach their full potential. Coaching also focuses on widening the range of perspectives and, therefore, adding more choices to their issues.

So then what’s the Coach’s job?

The Coach’s job is to notice, point out, and be with clients whenever they are in their process. The Coach is there to encourage and support, provide companionship around the rocks, and escort clients through the dark waters as well as to celebrate their skill and success. Coaching allows clients to live more fully in a deeper relationship with all aspects of their lives.

Every Coach has their own style and differently from a therapist, a coach hold the clients’ attention on their current life and guides them towards their goals. So now that you already know what’s the coach’s role, take a deep breathe and ask yourself:

  • If you could, what changes would you make in your life right now?

You can always share your thoughts with me: natalielucchese@gmail.com

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

Natalie Betito
Talent Life Coaching

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